Sunday, 17 June 2012

I am home in Calgary, for now, and for once I have no trips or plans or moves planned for the near future at all. And that is somehow making me a little bit claustrophobic. So, to avoid the dreaded inertia of becoming a go-to-work-go-home-sleep-repeat-er, I've made a summer wish list of a whole lot of things that I want to get accomplished this summer. Now, just to get busy doing.

Ps. This weekend my family made the drive up to Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan for my cousin's wedding. Lots of fun to be part of such a special day! Congratulations Craig and Shalayn! 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

home sweet home

The last couple of weeks have been full of travel and endings and new beginnings and I feel as though I haven't had a chance to download my photos or write anything here or even (horrors) completely unpack my bags. After our trip to Copenhagen and Stockholm I packed up my tiny apartment in Paris a week and a half ago and came back home to the now excessively spacious house I live in with Steve. So sad to say goodbye to the beautiful city, but in many ways, exciting to come home as well. On my first weekend back we had two barbeques, one of which (in the pictures below) was to celebrate my Grandma's birthday and came complete with chalk drawing and frisbee playing and a three-layer chocolate cake, the filling of which was extremely delicious, but we are quite suspicious that the source of said deliciousness was simply pure, unadulterated butter (Mom had quite conveniently forgotten the ingredients). 
Last Monday I started work at a new job, and I'm happy to say that I am finding it incredibly interesting and challenging and full of learning so far. Then, this past weekend we spent with Steve's family at the cabin - eating too much, as usual, playing chess and pool inside while it rained, and doing outside chores on Sunday when it finally dried out a bit. The plants and animals must have been loving soaking up the water as the lawn was a jungle and all the blooming plants were heavy with flowers. On the drive there and back we saw lots of wildlife - five bears alone! Welcome back to Canada.