Monday, 13 February 2012

la boxe française

In an effort to work on my French skills, meet new people, and try different experiences, I signed up for a few sports and arts courses through the university. One of which was la boxe française. I have never tried any type of boxing or combat sport before, yet alone even heard of French boxing, so this has been an entirely new experience. For those of you who also have yet to appreciate French boxing, it is a martial art that combines English style boxing with elegant kicking moves. Watch the video below for an idea of the 'old-school' style.

Pretty crazy/graceful/absurd/fun. Before I could compete with those guys, I'd have to get a whole lot more flexible, and somehow be convinced to wear that whole longsleeved/longlegged tight suit. Luckily, I am just un débutant so no need to worry about getting in the ring anytime soon. Our sessions mainly consist of running laps around a smallish room with a padded floor, while practicing punches, jabs, and undercuts, then doing a series of planks and other ab exercises. We then get to practice some combinations unopposed, and finally spar with a partner. There are about 25 people in the class and we all pair off and practice in the little room, so we are often bumping into other people, stepping on them, or getting backed into a corner. All of this just adds to the fun. By the end of class I am very sweaty, tired, and finally getting the hang of doing my best to kick and punch a stranger. Quite a rush actually, but hard to achieve that perfect balance between getting in well timed/placed shots and going all out. And don't worry Mom, I wear a mouthguard and gloves!

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