Monday, 9 April 2012

home from arles

Writing this on the train on my way home from Arles. I had a great time, and I am so glad that I went, even though I was a loner and made the trip by myself. The town was beautiful and the festival was fantastic; lots and lots of people in the streets, delicious street food, plenty of free and exciting things to see, and gorgeous blue skies – makes for a good time in my book. I took approximately 1 million photos so it will take me a few days to go through and post some. Suffice to say that I have plenty of new freckles, saw many, many new things, and failed to complete any of my impending papers. Ah well. In the meantime, this video will show you the typical day in the life of a Parisian girl. The voiceover is hilarious.

Jalouse Magazine: Une Fille Comme Les Autres from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

And Van Gogh spent some time painting in Arles so the town’s light and colour and buildings are present in much of his work. Here’s some Starry Night for you (painted from his sanatorium near Arles). 

Starry Night (interactive animation) from Petros Vrellis on Vimeo.

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