Monday, 21 May 2012


We did it - my mom, sister and I all finished the Copenhagen marathon yesterday! No need to discuss our times, or the fact that we spent the remainder of the day in a zombie like state, the important thing is that we all got it done. Both Mom and Keeley were running with significant injuries so I am so proud of their perseverance! Now very glad to have that over with so we can focus on more important things, like Danishes, ice creams, and relaxing in beautiful parks. This evening while doing post-marathon research I came across the story of Team Hoyt - the father/son duo who have to this date competed in over 69 marathons and six Ironman triathlons. Dick pushes, pulls, and carries his son Rick, who has cerebral palsy, over the entirety of the competitions. Not only that, but he does it hella fast (their fastest marathon time was 2h40min - that is a really, really fast time for any individual, but while pushing another human being for the entire 42 km that is unbelievably amazing)and they only started when Dick was 37 after Rick told him that he felt like his disabilities disappeared when they ran together. Definitely one of the most inspiring pairs I've ever heard of. If you're interested, look them up on YouTube (I can't seem to share the link because I'm inept with this iPad). We are all absolutely in love with Copenhagen so far, the weather is beautiful, the people, lovely, and the bikes are fabulous. When can I move here?


  1. next year would work well for my schedule. congrats on finishing the marathon!!

  2. Thanks, and if only I could swing it, next year would be prime :)