Saturday, 12 May 2012

Normandy II

We stayed overnight at a gîte in a traditional farmhouse, and visited Honfleur in the morning before the tourists were in force. Honfleur has a really gorgeous central harbour, with slate-shingled houses and cafes all around, and a beautiful hundred-year-old carousel. This is the place from which Samuel de Champlain set out for Canada in 1603. 
After visiting Honfleur we went to a brocante (flea market) where we did some shopping and found a few treasures to take home in my overstuffed luggage. Then we went for a walk in the countryside to see the traditional farmhouses with thatched roofs, and of course, see all the farm animals as well.
Geese in France are not at all friendly. Maybe something to do with foie gras?
On the top of the thatched roofs they plant irises whose roots help keep the roof tightly woven. They were just starting to bloom, but I bet in a few weeks the rooftops will all be covered with flowers.
Such a white little calf! Must have been very new.
These cows were flirting with a bull in a pasture on the other side of the road. Too funny to see them eyeing each other across their fences.

We drove back on Sunday afternoon in time for Michel to vote in the final day of the election. Even though the weather was overcast and cloudy for the most part, I loved seeing the countryside and towns of Normandy, definitely a place I'd like to visit again. 

I just arrived home this evening from a weekend trip to Edinburgh to meet a friend. Such a beautiful city! I left this afternoon with very windblown hair and a newfound appreciation for whiskey - pictures to come.  

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