Wednesday, 14 March 2012

eating by yourself

In class today I was telling someone about my little apartment and he responded, "Just by yourself? And you have to eat by yourself? Isn't that lonely??" Well, I didn't think so until you said it that way! And he followed that up with - "That's a pretty long walk to class - I guess it would be ok with some good walking shoes!" and then a pointed look at the skimpy ballet flats I had on.  Not good walking shoes at all.

Since my life choices were beginning to look pretty suspect, I was very happy that this evening I was not, in fact, eating alone, but instead joining a friend for a gyro pita in the Latin Quarter. On our walk back towards school, we passed the fountain at Saint Michel which had been transformed into a bright neon green. Detergent to make bubbles, maybe? No bubbles in sight, but a lot of fluoro-green-yellow water, and a hazard cone by Saint Michel himself.

Walking home towards this view, my life choices were starting to look a bit better.

Happy Wednesday!

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