Thursday, 8 March 2012

sunny mornings are the best mornings

It seems like the week off school was all it took for the sun to be rising early enough to get some sunshine on my 7:30 am walk to class. When the sun isn't hidden behind a blanket of ominous rain clouds that is... This morning though, it was all blue skies and sunshine and harmless fluffy whiteness, which was a lovely start to a long day of class (8 am to 9:15 pm). Ok, I do have to admit that one of those classes is p├ętanque (like French-style bocce ball). In the Tuileries garden just outside the Louvre. So that one is pretty darn enjoyable, especially when my team was kicking butt like we were today.

The only not enjoyable part was the billowing black smoke that was pouring over the rooftops from a few blocks away, and the serenading sirens of 120 firetrucks rushing to the scene. Apparently a huge fire broke out in the parking garage under the Ritz hotel at Place Vendome this afternoon. Can only hope that no one was seriously hurt (it sounds like everyone was evacuated quickly). Click here or here to read more about it.

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