Saturday, 24 March 2012

JR and Liu Bolin

Love these two artists working together: JR and Liu Bolin. 

JR is a French artist that I only recently learned about from a fellow student. He's know for "pervasive art" - printing massive close-up portraits of people pulling goofy faces and putting them up on the walls of buildings for anyone to encounter and interact with. Here are some of his installations in a favela of Rio de Janiero, a slum in Kenya, and from his project Face2Face, with portraits of Israelis and Palestinians displayed in both countries.
the above photos are from his website

And Liu Bolin is somewhat of an internet sensation these days as the "real-life Invisible Man". His photos in which he's painted himself into the background are pretty remarkable.
all above photos can be found here

So I thought it was pretty neat to see them collaborating. In the top photo, Liu Bolin painted JR to blend in to his own work. 

Happy Weekend!

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