Wednesday, 21 March 2012

this week

It seems the time has come to actually get down to work. I've had the rude awakening that I do have 3 presentations, 3 essays  4 essays! (what is with professors not mentioning required essays until the last weeks of class?), 2 reports and final exams looming in the next month. Time to get to work. It is very unfortunate that this realization has coincided perfectly with the apparent coming of spring - making it much harder to spend afternoons in crowded libraries. On the plus side, picnics and being outside to look forward to!

I made this funny little chain out of pages from an old magazine while watching Drive the other night (SO good! except I kind of hated the theme song). It is both a reminder to actually do a bit of a workout everyday (I'm just aiming for some pushups/sit ups, let's not get too carried away) and a perfectly cheesy countdown until Steve's visit at the end of April. We're planning to spend most of the week that he's here in Mallorca, enjoying some sunshine, beaches and sangria (hopefully the weather complies with this plan). We've been looking at renting a little place through airbnb to have as our base to explore the island. The caves on the east side of the island sound pretty amazing, and I'd love to bike through some of the national parks and hike to some of the mountain monasteries. Pretty exciting!

I want to see some of this goodness in Mallorca:

Pretty beautiful, isn't it? So, so excited. Hope you also have some upcoming travel plans up your sleeve.

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